Mother's Day

Today is a reflective day.

It is days like today where the last year of conversations and last moments fill my memory. The  values which my grandmother taught me in so many of her life stories play in my mind. 

It is days like today that make the miles between me and my mom hard. You just want to be there to take her for brunch, play a round of golf (only because she would want to not because I enjoy it) and to have a BBQ in her backyard. Instead being present in a phone call will have to do.

It is days like today where I long and dream for our future, a future with a babe. Today, those dreams were flashing across my mind as I had to work. So thankful for the career opportunities in front of me, but longing and dreaming...

It is days like today where you realize there are so many people in so many different circumstances all probably also reflective.

So happy Mother's Day to all of the woman out there, to those who have birthed a child, to those who are celebrating the life of a mother who is not here any more, to those expecting, to those step mothers and to those who long and are struggling on when they will be a mother of their own. Happy Mother's Day to all. I am so blessed to have each of you in my life.

Photo take on our wedding August 2013 by AG Photography.

Photo take on our wedding August 2013 by AG Photography.

Bar 28

It was my birthday a couple weeks ago and Bryan gave me the best birthday.  Our lives have been a little too busy this year so my requests were simple this year, a relaxing night at home. Bryan created the best bar / pizza joint Brooklyn has ever seen. Until Bar 28 next year....

Drink recipes from 2014 Bar 28: The Walk Up, Two Families and

(Reminder for next year: Bring out the tripod.)

SF Birthday

Date Night with the Kings

As an ongoing tradition, we always catch the Kings of Leon when they are in NYC and a concert on Valentine's Day is no exception. The night was filled with darts, Thai food, dreaming of the future and catching great music. All in all, 2014's Valentine's Day was a great day this year.

Instragram LockUp_02-14-14.jpg

Saying Goodbye in Ontario

Last month, we lost my Grandmother after a battle with cancer. She was such a fighter and such a strong women that fought until the very end. Bryan and I both have learned some many life lessons from this woman and were so blessed to have such a strong relationship with her even with so many miles between us. In her last year of life she traveled to England and New York to attend two of her grandchild's wedding against doctor's orders. We will always cherish those memories of having her there to celebrate some of our family's biggest moments. 

Our goodbye weekend in Delhi, Ontario was exactly what Grandma would have wanted, her family together reminiscing over memories. These photos summarize what a joyful time, a tough weekend was for all of us.


Our Apartment on Apartment Therapy

We had our apartment featured on Apartment Therapy! A friend of a friend knew Andrea, the photographer, and recommend our apartment to her in her quest for more spaces. We were both thankful for the opportunity to have our space captured. It is a lovely time capsule of our home and how fun will be to look back in 20 years and see our first home in Brooklyn? The comments are pretty great as well! We definitely had a few laughs.

Find our apartment here.

Happy Thanksgiving!

We hope your day is filled with friends, family and gratitude. We will soaking up the wine and turkey with good friends. It will be one of the first holidays that will not be celebrate at our home and I am thrilled to have the day off, but also a little sad about not having the holiday at our apartment as it has become tradition.

Here are some articles that I will use for next year's Thanksgiving prep.

Saveur's menu generator, essential components for any Thanksgiving from the NYT and an NPR podcast on "What is Trending in Food Magazines". 

Happy Thanksgiving from ours to yours.

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